Introducing Collegiate Learning's Professor & Author Cheryl Carter

Introducing Collegiate Learning's Professor & Author Cheryl Carter

Meet Cheryl Carter

Cheryl Carter is the lead instructor and founder of Collegiate Learning. Carter, the writing coach, endearingly known as Professor Cheryl, for the way she methodically targets the stop-blocks that prohibit her clients from moving them ahead in completing their writing projects. Over the years, she has worked with authors writing educational, religion, science, business, and popular culture books. Professor Cheryl knows how to motivate emerging writers to overcome procrastination, literary lags and time constraints. She is the author of an ever growing number of titles and has been published traditionally and independently.

College Advice from a College Professor

Professor Cheryl is also a college professor, who currently teaches English and writing classes. She also teaches creative writing, media and culturally relevant biography classes on Professor Cheryl has an MFA in Creative Writing and a BA in English. She has also completed graduate study in special education, college admissions and counseling, and is currently a creative writing doctoral student. Professor Cheryl holds a graduate certificate in College Advisement from Columbia University and a TEFL (Teaching English to  certificate. She also has a graduate certificate in Diversity, Equality and Inclusion.

A Fierce Advocate

A fierce advocate for education empowerment, Professor Cheryl is also the CEO of Collegiate Learning, an academic company that prepares learners for scholastic college success. She has a line of educational books that address ADHD and ELA areas, including writing, vocabulary, critical thinking, reading and writing. Additionally, Professor Cheryl, a personal historian created the innovative personal history initiative, Family-as-Biographers under her Meaningful Moments books and journals.

More importantly, Cheryl considers her most important role to be that of
homeschool mother. She has five children—three of them homeschool graduates.

Educational Summary:

  • BA – English Literature
  • MS- Special Education
  • Pastoral Counseling – Marriage & Family NAAC
  • Teacher of English, Foreign Education -TEFL
  • MFA- Creative Writing
  • College Admission- Graduate certificate
  • Diversity, Equity & Inclusion- Graduate Certificate
  • PhD Doctoral Student, Writing

Publications/ Writing Experience

  • Creator/ Author Meaningful Writing College Prep Writing Curriculum
  • Kingsley Publishers- ADHD
  • Educational reading, math and writing workbooks K-12
  • Baker/ Revell Publishing- Christian
  • Jehonadah Com.– Homeschooling titles- Special needs, organization and time management
  • Collegiate Learning- College, homeschool and writing titles.
  • Contributor to scholarly book (Information Age Publisher) Black Homeschooling in America
  • Freelance parenting and education writer
  • Black female African American writers Anthology contributor
  • Meaningful Moments Journal series
  • Ghostwriter, Tech and educational companies
  • Curriculum writer, Urban Ministries
  • Fiction freelance writer
  • Author, over 80 books

Associations & Group Affiliations

  • Academic Member, Writing Across the Curriculum Association
  • Compassion Committee, Home School Legal Defense Association
  • National Assoc of Christian Counselors
  • University/ College Professionals Teaching Association
  • Compassion Committee, Home School Legal Defense
  • Teachers of Writing
  • PICC, NY- Special Needs NYS
  • Homeschool New York
  • Member-at-large African American Homeschool Moms
  • Member, African American Homeschool Scholars
  • Scholarship Shark, College Admission Essay Advisor-US
  • National Homeschool Advocacy Association

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