Our mission is simple. We empower learners to unlock their potential and to become master communicators through our practical classes and evidence-based teaching methods.     

  • Preparing for College & Beyond

    Set your student up for success. Our virtual classes are interactive and are culturally informed, preparing students for college and beyond.

  • A Team of Talented Teachers

    With a combined experience over of 125 years, our team of teachers and tutors come together to provide students with a holistic learning experience.

  • Writing Across the Curriculum

    This natural writing approach not only produces superior writers, but eclectic thinkers; students who think beyond the obvious.

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  • Young black student engaging in multisensory learning.


    Our classes are multisensory, which helps learners retain and acquire basic skills.Although most of our classes are online, we employ all five senses when teaching our writing and thinking skills. A multisensory approach makes learning fun and memorable. All learners, especially struggling students, gravitate to natural multisensory methods

  • Young student sitting at a laptop getting tailored tutoring based on his learning style at a laptop.


    We consider a student’s learning style- We consider the best way an
    individual acquires and retains information. We do not teach writing in a cookie-cutter way. Instead, writers are taught how to maximize their own unique talents in the writing process. We are especially adepth at helping struggling and reluctant writers find their muse.

  • Young student in a wheel-chair learning from our evidence-based courses.


    All our courses are evidence-based. Educational methods continue to
    evolve and relevant research should always be considered when working
    with different types of learners. All our courses are constantly evolving to embrace relevant research while holding to time-honored classical approaches to proven writing instruction approaches.

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Our Founder

Cheryl Carter, is a professor, writing coach, college admission specialist and prolific author. With a graduate certificate in College Admissions from Columbia University, she provides both a academic and practical perspective to help students of all abilities to achieve success in higher education and equip them with skills that help them in college and beyond.

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  • Dr. Jacqui Gittens

    Learning Specialist

  • Katherine Olsen

    Learning & Writing Specialist

  • Darrell Andrews Jr.

    Learning & Writing Specialist

  • Isabella

    Isabella Perez

    Writing Specialist

  • Kim Bolden

    Learning & Writing Specialist

  • Joelle Greene

    Writing Specialist

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