Meaningful Writing

The Capable Scholar X Collegiate Learning

The Writing Across the Curriculum Method, made especially for struggling, reluctant and special needs writers, encourages them to not only become superior writers, but eclectic thinkers.

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Why writing?

Research shows that one of the greatest measures of a student's success in college is related to their ability to write, and write well. Meaningful Writing communicates a message to readers that compels them to think, feel or act. Meaningful Writing is both traditional and evidence-based, while also keeping it straightforward and simple.

What You'll get from Meaningful Writing

Students will become master communicators in college and beyond. Quite foundational in nature, this book will help students learn how to approach the writing process on a wide variety of typical college assignments. Reluctant writers and/or special needs writers are encouraged to follow this writing method due to the simplicity of instruction, balanced nicely with the depth of information.

Are you ready to start writing?

Meaningful Writing: A Step-by-Step Writing Approach for College-Bound Learners (Gr. 6-12)


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