The Best Places to Find Scholarships At the Last Minute

The Best Places to Find Scholarships At the Last Minute

So you’ve been admitted to the college of your choice, but now you considering the cost. And you realize you need some grants or scholarships. Here are some last-minute places to look:

Local scholarships usually have late deadlines; some localities have rotary clubs, lion clubs, women clubs, fraternities and sorority scholarships, and even grants.  A lot of high schools have scholarship pages on their websites that you can access even if you do not attend the school. 

Are you or your spouse a part of a trade union or professional organization?  Electricians, laborers, teachers, lawyers, accountants, project managers, travel agents, etc. all have scholarships for their members and dependents. Leverage any and all resources you have available to you!

Investigate vocational and professional organizations that sponsor students interest in journalism, computer science, accounting, engineers, etc. A quick Internet search will help you. 

Visit credible scholarship websites. Here are a few of my favorties:

Read “The Ultimate Scholarship Book." It's updated twice a year. It has several thousand scholarship listings. Lots of good advice in the beginning. There are 13 indexes in the back so you can search by race, major and disability status separately.

Inquire if your college financial aid office has a scholarship division. Some colleges, especially he bigger ones, have internal and external listings.


Cheryl Carter has helped many students get into the college of their choice. Her advice is always practical and strategic. She prides herself on giving parents “the homeschool advantage” college admission advice.

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