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Why Your Child May Need a Writing Portfolio

You may have heard of writing portfolios before, but does your child really need one? Here are 6 reasons why a writing portfolio may boost your child's success in getting into college.

Is your student in STEM (Science, technical, engineering, and medical)? Writing portfolios can help STEM students applying to rigorous programs get a competitive edge.

Written expression often sets aside science students from one another. While STEM schools generally do not require writing portfolios submitting one illustrates a student’s versatility and creative intelligence.


Applying to a test optional school? Use a writing portfolio to showcase your student's skills, personality, and set them apart from the crowd. 

Test optional schools do not necessary use standardized test scores, but these schools must use some type of barometer to measure a pupil’s scholastic aptitude. Creative students really can shine with a stellar writing portfolio.


If you're student has a low SAT and ACT scores, a writing portfolios can help show a college a student’s academic and creative potential.

Of course, the college must be willing to look at the writing portfolio. A student simply cannot decide on his or her own to submit extra materials. 


Students with Autism, ADHD, or learning challenges can benefit from a writing portfolio, especially when it shows their passion about a topic.

Remember, applications are all about showcasing your student's strengths and standing out. Such portfolios also have a way of showing a different side of such students especially those who might hyper focus on a specific topic!


Does your student struggle with interviewing? Writing portfolios are an excellent tool for students who may not interview well.

Introverts may prefer a strong writing portfolio over an interview, if given the choice. Again, the college must be opened to reading your portfolio. 


Finally, if your student is interested in majoring in writing, getting a portfolio together is a no-brainer.

Foundationally some schools require writing portfolios to get into their creative writing, technical writing, journalism or writing specialty programs.These college programs use the writing portfolio to weed out students for their exclusive programs. Such writing portfolios must be topnotch and professional. These required writing portfolios are generally specific right down to the font used. 


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Cheryl Carter has helped many students get into the college of their choice. Her advice is always practical and strategic. She prides herself on giving parents “the homeschool advantage” college admission advice.

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