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Our teachers bring together a diverse set of experiences meant to support your student in all areas. From college professors, to published authors, to experienced parents, our team knows the college and writing process inside out!

Introducing Our Founder.

Our Founder, Cheryl Carter is a professor, special needs educator, writing coach, college admission specialist and prolific author. With a  graduate certificate in College Admissions from Columbia University, she provides both a academic and practical perspective to help students of all abilities to achieve success in higher education. Her teaching/ coaching methods are evidence-based. Prof. Carter utizes such approaches as the approaches to the Orton Gillingham method, along with other proven multisensory approaches to help learners become lifelong writers and communicators.

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  • Keri Smith


    Keri has a BA in English and psychology from Bryan College. She has over 16 years of experience working with children and teenagers in a variety of settings, and supports students on the spectrum and with ADHD and other learning differences. In addition she is a strong writer. She is one of Collegiate Learning's top teacher known for her patience, empathy and her ability to motivenearly any learner.


  • Kimberly A. Bolden


    Kimberly A. Bolden is a home educator, writer, linguist and former intelligence analyst
    committed to nurturing young and aspiring writers. Ms. Bolden is fluent is four languages and enjoys working with learners of all abilities. She is practically adept at working with struggling learners , and those students who desire to be professionally published. A published author, she has mentored many writers in the publishing and writing professsion.

  • Isabella

    Isabelle Perez


    Isabelle Perez is an honors student with a gift for writing. Her specialties are in reading, creative writing, music, and art. She is passionate about storytelling in all of its incarnations, and enjoys finding unique ways to transform age-old themes and techniques for a new group of readers and writers.She is known as a cerebral and thought-provoking teacher. She is trained well in the Collegiate Learning methods.

  • Nicole Green


    Nicole Green is an author, counselor, instructor, and co-founder of founder of Bridge Elementary Tutorial Homeschool Ministries. She is the author of Homeschooling 101 and a homeschool consultant. She knows what parents need to encourage their children. She has been teaching English and literature to varied students for over twenty years.. Her teaching style is crisp, clear and conducive to learning nearly any concept.

  • Dr. Jacqui Gittens


    Dr. Jacqui Gittens was born and raised in the city that never sleeps. She believes you are never too old or too young to learn something new every single day. She is known for her patience and her ability to break down complex subjects into easy-tounderstand concepts. She has taught English internationally: she works well with our English Language Learners (ELL). Her students LOVE her!

  • Joelle Green


    Joelle Green is a writer and author, currently pursuing a Creative Writing degree at the University of the Arts. She has a passion for creative writing and instilling a sense of confidence students and their work. Ms. Joelle is beloved by her students due to her encouraging ways. She has mastered all the Collegiate Learning training and is known as a compassionate and master teacher.

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