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The Capable Scholar

College Admissions Mini Course

College Admissions Mini Course

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In this course, the following questions will be answered in each session:

College Prep Sessions

  •  How to implement this program
  • What Do I Already Know About College?
  • What Do I Want to Do?
  • Do I Know What I Really Want to Study?
  • How Do I Decide Which Colleges Are Right for Me?
  • How Should I Create My College List?
  • How Do I Get Recommendations That Help Me Stand Out as a Candidate?
  • How Do I Write a Resume When I Have Little or No Job Experience?
  • How Can I Improve My SAT or ACT Score?
  • How Do I Fill Out the Common Application?
  • What Are My Admissions Options?
  • How Do I Prepare for the College Interview?
  • How Do I Become an Exceptional Candidate That Colleges Want?
  • How Do I Get Enough Money for College?
  • How Do I Approach the College Essay?
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